About the event

What Is the Film Festival?

The objective of the diversity film festival is to promote and celebrate the moments and experiences of people of all ethnicities, as well as the narratives that have been recorded on film and depicted through the vision of a cinematographer.

This organization provides a platform for filmakers that live in Canada. Currently, the festival is open to all genres of film from any location in the world.


Major Award Winners in 2021

Best Documentary Feature

A Band to Honor

The night before the attack the USS Arizona Band participated in a battle of the Navy Bands, which they won. They’re trophy,a silver bowl resided at the Army/Navy School of Music in Little Creek, Virginia. I passed by it every day while I attended there.
- facebook.com

Best Experimental Film

The Age of Blossoms

An experimental short film, seductive for music, delicate suggestion, dance and the frame of memories of a venerable man about a love story - maybe just the love story- of his youth. Poetic and seductive, it is a sort of useful island for remind you to yourself.
- imdb.com

Best Short

Always Come in Second

A great short drama that captures the social dilemma of immigrant families and stress placed on children - especially younger children in the shadow of their brothers and sisters. Excellent story and production quality. I wish I could watch it for the first time again.
- sterlinglawyers.com

Best Editing

Margie's Christmas Eve

Margie unintentionally ruined her parent's secret plot when she receives two plush bears with heroin and a camera as Christmas gifts from her father and mother.

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Best Student Film


A stop motion animator seeks to surreptitiously make a film with his brother and childhood crush in under a week instead of seeking a "real" career, as his parents affectionately phrased it.

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Best Web / New Media Film

Get Lost in Colombia

This show combines slice of life, travel, news, and more in a special manner. With the help off the host Sophie Lui, the audience is taken on a journey to several unique locations.

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Why Festivals Matter

Festivals are annually planned events that bring people with commonality together. The diversity film festival allows individuals to come together through the unification of film regardless of genre. Festivals provide greater sense of community as those within the area create, share, and explore new concepts for film.

In addition, these sort of events provide a break from the monotony of life. Festivals provide special events and a cultural exchange by building relationships and strong communication within the community the event is held at. In other words, there is an environment of cultural harmony.